Boxing in Murfreesboro, TN

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Boxing is officially in Murfreesboro, TN.
Why Boxing?
As an American tradition, boxing is one of the most Boxing Murfreesboropopular sports in the world. This class will teach you the same techniques Amateur, Professional, and Olympic champions use in the ring. Boxing, or pugilism, is one of the oldest physical contact sports known in the existence of history. Many ancient civilizations have records of the sport. Some say they can find evidences of boxing as early as 1500 BC and 3000 BC. Which in easy language, says that Boxing has been around for some time. The differences between boxing of old, and today are vastly different. From the styles, rules, and garb warn, to the consequences in which a fighter must endure victory or defeat. Boxers in the past did not have the luxury of head gear, hand wraps and mouth pieces. We take this for granted now, but in ancient times, this was a much more brutal spectacle. The rules of boxing have changed dramatically from the vast rules of today. The fights were not divided into rounds, and defeat could have meant something much different. In many cases, a Knock Out or death was required for a victory. Modern day boxing is much different. There are man enhancements, rules and regulate ions that make this a much more entertaining sport, without the common chance of a great injury or worse. It is necessary for modern boxers to wear protective head gear and gloves when training. Be it Amateur or Professional boxing, enthusiasts and fighters alike are assured of some pretty stiff and exciting competition. Expect one thing before your first class. You will punch those pounds away, and have a blast doing so! 
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